English: Illustration of condition of averages...

English: Illustration of condition of averages when applied to a house flood or fire. The percentage bands are there purely to show the principle and would not necessarily follow the assessment of a loss adjuster. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


 Claims Consultants, Insured’s Advocate, Public Adjuster Trainee

working with Dave Humphries, Public Adjuster

What we do for you:
* Assisting the property owners with their insurance claims * Conduct a comprehensive review of insurance policy

* Assisting with compliance of policy’s requirements

* Prepare detailed estimate of damages to home or business

* Analyze all construction estimates and prepare “bid comparison

* Detail and substantiate all damages to structure or contents as well as preparing a list and price personal property

* Prepare detailed inventories for all business property, personal property, stock, machinery, equipment and improvements

* Quantify time element claim and calculate additional Living expenses for homeowners

* Calculate loss of business income, rental income and extra expenses

* Present itemized claim package to insurance carrier

* Work as the insured’s advocate

* Communicate with you every step of the way

* Save the insured time so they can focus on business or family

* Relieve the insured of stress and the emotional burden of the loss and preparation of the claim

* Maximize insured’s financial recovery with a proactive and comprehensive claim management strategy.

Public Adjusters work for you exclusively to get what you are entitled to under your policy coverage and not just what the insurance wants to pay you.
Public Adjusters protect your financial health and you may still be in time for us to help you. Call today.


  1. Representing property owners (Residential & Commercial) in their insurance claims process.
  2. Reducing Property Manager‘s workload by taking over the claim process.
  3. Inspecting the property for damages and providing detailed estimate and documentation for the insurance company to prove your claim.
  4. Provide Landlords an inspection of the property for possible claims.
  5. Put all our property owners on a maintenance schedule to inspect  property for maintenance issues or possible insurance claims.
  6. Provide  a record of property maintenance for the insurance company.  (Ask your Agent if they will give you a discount if you send them a copy every year to prove that you are maintaining your property.)
  7. We take out the risk of missing the two-year statute of limitations on your losses, by helping you keep up with the condition of your property.
  8. We handle the whole claim for you so that you don’t have to stress over the process.
  9. We also represent tenants who have renter’s insurance on their claims for damaged contents.

We work in various States throughout the country Licensed in: CA, NM, OK, NV, CO, TX, S, TN, LA, GA, SC, NC, MD, WV, H, KS

*****When you need to go to court, you hire a lawyer.*****

***** If you need someone to fix your roof, you hire a Roofer.*****

*****If you have an Insurance loss to your home, you hire a Public Adjuster.*****

A Public Adjuster is trained to represent the insured with their insurance claim. A Quest for PUBLIC ADJUSTERS LLC, understands all the complexities of the insurance claim and are experts in managing your claim process. Claims Consultants assist the Public Adjuster

**Visit BBB-Adjusters**

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