New Texas Department of Insurance law:

It is always very surprising how the general public feels about using their insurance when they have a ligitimate claim.  The following are some of the comments we heard.

1.  If I put in a claim aren’t they going to cancel me?

2.   Is my Agent going to get upset and not treat me the same as before?

3.  I don’t think they cover things like this, do they?  (this was in response to why they had not put in a claim 4 years ago)

4.   If I put in a claim, isn’t  insurance amount they charge me going to go up?  I can’t afford to pay more.

What is even more surprising is how they are treated when they do use their insurance and have never done so in the past.  We have seen people who have never filed a claim, get a non renewal notice right after they filed.

Are we surprised that State Farm is pulling out of some States?  No, when you think if them as a business, it is easier to understand.


Public Adjusters represent the insured in their insurance claims. We are the Insured's Advocates and represent only the insured, not the insurance company A QUEST for PUBLIC ADJUSTERS is looking out for YOUR best interest. There are many people who attempt to handle their claims, only to find frustration. A Public Adjuster works on contingency basis and therefore, if they can't increase your claim, there is no charge. What do you have to lose? Hire a Public Adjuster that will be by your side throughout the process. We also perform Appraisals (for dispute resolution) and have Umpire services. If we can't help you our Attorneys will. Call us today at 800-517-8006 or 915-252-9184

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