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Wildfire SMOKE and SOOT Contamination: TOXIC and May Hurt you and Your Family’s HEALTH!

Wildfire SMOKE and SOOT Contamination: TOXIC and May Hurt you and Your Family’s HEALTH!. Advertisements

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Wildfire SMOKE and SOOT Contamination: TOXIC and May Hurt you and Your Family’s HEALTH!

Wildfire smoke and soot contamination buildings result in a condition where particles settle onto contents and fabrics and can absorb into porous surfaces.  These particles are toxic and may hurt you and your family.  Did you know that smoke damage is covered

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The UglyTruth About Insurance

If your insurer were required to post warning labels it would look something like this…  Warning:   The policy you are about to purchase has been proven to financially debilitate you in the event of a covered loss. Our company will

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Ruling a big deal for homeowners |

Ruling ‘a big deal for homeowners‘ By Greg Bluestein The Atlanta Journal Constitution A Georgia Supreme Court ruling is shaking up the way insurance payments for damaged real estate are doled out, and it could have big consequences for homeowners

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Cherry Tomato Salad with Buttermilk-Basil Dressing

Originally posted on Damn Good Eatin':
Tomato Salad with Buttermilk-Basil Dressing Now that tomatoes are at their peak, I am always looking for fresh and creative recipe ideas.  I found this recipe in the June issue of Food Network Magazine. …

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Originally posted on Hungry Brownie:
Sometimes having a plain bread is not enough, and topping parmesan on a bread brings out something more.  I grabbed these potato slider buns at Macrina bakery (photos below) one day and decided to do…

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Originally posted on The Vegan Cookbook Aficionado:
I have to say, when I first heard that Tami was thinking of giving up hosting Food Network Fridays I was pretty disappointed. I completely understand why she didn’t want to continue with…

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What Renters are willing to give up

Originally posted on Barry Karch's Blog:
According to an article in this month’s RealtorMag, 80% of renters are willing to give up certain things so that they can purchase a home. What are renters willing to give up? *…

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Tips for Recoating Prefinished Wood Floors

Originally posted on Best Flooring Choices:
For contractors and wholesale flooring distributors, there are many concerns and considerations to keep in mind when tabbed by a client to do a re-coat on a factory-finished floor. Here are some tips on…

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Color Coding Keys

Originally posted on Organized Island:
Today I used a quick and cheap way to identify my keys for easy identification with nail polish.  I painted the top of each key a different color of nail polish.  You can paint the…

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