The UglyTruth About Insurance


If your insurer were required to post warning labels it would look something like this…


  The policy you are about to purchase has been proven to financially debilitate you in the event of a covered loss. Our company will Deny, Delay, and Defend all claims made against us. We will bully, hire experts who will tell “our” side of story, resulting in further proof with which to deny your claim. Thank you, and be sure to pay your premiums.

P.S. Thanks for the new red Ferrari!

All I had to do to get it, was deny your claim.


Courtesy of Cal Spoon, PA


Public Adjusters represent the insured in their insurance claims. We are the Insured's Advocates and represent only the insured, not the insurance company A QUEST for PUBLIC ADJUSTERS is looking out for YOUR best interest. There are many people who attempt to handle their claims, only to find frustration. A Public Adjuster works on contingency basis and therefore, if they can't increase your claim, there is no charge. What do you have to lose? Hire a Public Adjuster that will be by your side throughout the process. We also perform Appraisals (for dispute resolution) and have Umpire services. If we can't help you our Attorneys will. Call us today at 800-517-8006 or 915-252-9184

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