Bad Faith Insurance Companies


2012 was a tough year for both Insurance carriers and Insured.  Harsh weather in many States added more insult to the already financially stressed.  For many insured, a false sense of security soon became a reality when they experienced a loss.  Their insurance agents sold them a policy, often based on price, and frequently without the coverage they really needed.  Complicated policies that even many agents don’t fully understand, leave homeowners and property owners at risk of being denied for losses that otherwise should be covered.  If only someone had taken the time to explain and the shopper had taken the time to ask questions.  I find it fascinating that “we” take buying insurance so lightly.     The insured need to review their policies at least yearly to ensure they are covered properly.  The cost of the policy  should not be a factor in the decision for basic coverage.  I often tell our clients that they either pay for coverage properly today or they will pay for it later when they do have a claim.


Deductibles are increasing, the day of the $500.00 deductible is  almost non existant.    Carriers are increasing deductibles to prevent insured from putting in small claims.  The question is…can you afford to pay for your roof out of pocket if there is hail or wind damage to it?  For many insured thats what will happen next time when they put in a claim with their 1% deductible.

Using a Public Adjuster can help the insured not only  decide whether they should file a claim, but will also help the insured get maximum recovery for their claims.    Insurance companies are finding new ways to cut back on whst they will pay out and often will give the insured many reasons why they will not pay for things.  Without the assistance of the Public Adjuster, many insured become angry, stressed, frustrated and give up.  The Public adjuster is theInsured’s


Public Adjusters represent the insured in their insurance claims. We are the Insured's Advocates and represent only the insured, not the insurance company A QUEST for PUBLIC ADJUSTERS is looking out for YOUR best interest. There are many people who attempt to handle their claims, only to find frustration. A Public Adjuster works on contingency basis and therefore, if they can't increase your claim, there is no charge. What do you have to lose? Hire a Public Adjuster that will be by your side throughout the process. We also perform Appraisals (for dispute resolution) and have Umpire services. If we can't help you our Attorneys will. Call us today at 800-517-8006 or 915-252-9184

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11 comments on “Bad Faith Insurance Companies
  1. Insurance Adjuster Help says:

    Public adjusters are usually more trouble than they are worth, and rarely affect any significant claim settlement increase. Public adjusters are paid by out of the insured’s pocket by a usual rate of 10% – 20% of the total claim settlement amount. Meaning if you get a claim settlement from your insurance company for $100,000.00, then you will have to pay the public adjuster $10,000.00 to $20,000.00 out of your pocket. Insurance companies do not pay for the use of public adjusters. Be aware of this if you do decide to use a public adjuster.

    • Thank you for your comments and we always welcome honest responses. We would like to take the opportunity to eduate you and others on this subject.

      I am not sure what experience you have had with a Public Adjuster, but they are not “usually” more trouble then they are worth. We have several clients that would disagree with you. If it was true that they are more trouble then they are worth, then there would be no need for them would there? In fact, there is a great need for them as advocates for the insured. If there were no Public Adjusters to defend the insured and police the insurance carriers and the adjusters that work for them, people would be even more disatisfied with the way their insurance claims are handled then ever. I see so many people every day that have been denied legitimate claims, under paid and made to feel that they are doing something wrong for reporting a claim that should be covered. It is sad to see this happen and often the elderly are the ones most taken advantage of and their claims mishandled. Some Adjusters use their power to harm, not help people. I have also met some Adjusters that are kind and try to be fair, of course they have to follow their protocols. We all know what that is… deny, low ball and deny…Even if some try to do the right thing, they have Supervisors that will sabotage their estimates by removing some of the items that the adjuster has told their clients they will pay for.

      You were right about one thing, Public Adjusters in Texas charge 10% of the claim, they only charge based on what they increase on a claim. Also, you forgot to mention that often, when Public Adjusters have been retained, it is most likely that the claim has been denied, the client is extremely stressed and frustrated with the way their claim has been handled, and most often it is then that a PA is hired. It is rare that a PA is not able to help the insured and if they can’t they will tell them.
      As for making a significant increase in the insured’s claims…my clients, again would disagree with you. I have had clients who have had an increase in their claim by 100%- 300%. I would say that is pretty significant.
      Also, 10 % of nothing is nothing… did you know that if the PA can’t increase the claim, the insured owes nothing? How can they lose? I don’t see it. When a claim has been denied or low balled, the insured does not have any money to be able to restore their property back to pre-loss condition or even repair it to stop leaks or further damage. A PA will try to increase the claim so that they are at least able to do some repairs. Unfortunately, they are at the mercy of often stubborn Adjuster who are more concerned about not being wrong then doing what is right. What ever happened to honor, ethics and just plain kindness?
      Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, honesty and kindness. We all expect those that hold the power to make a difference in our lives to be honorable, ethical and to do what is right. At a minimum we all expect that when we purchase a policy that what we are paying for will be there to protect us when and if we need to use our coverage. We all expect that Adjusters and Insurance companies to actually follow the policy provisions, and not to bend the rules when it suits them. Treat everyone equally, fairly and with respect. Is that so hard?

    • Scott says:

      You’re clearly a douche bag insurance adjuster to say such a thing. I can give numerous examples of the insurance companies screwing homeowners out of repair money. Only a Public Adjuster is going to get them to pay. Been to arbitration several times only to have the mediator force the insurance company to pay $10,000 more than they intitially offered

      • All our clients will disagree with those who think Public Adjusters are not worth retaining. I think they should do away with ego centric, power hungry Adjusters who purposefully cause grief and harm to the insured. I hear adjusters saying their supervisors are the ones that make the decisions, yet yet it is the field adjuster that gives te insured, the roofer and contractor a hard time with the claim, way before it even gets to the desk adjuster. Everyday the insured are unduly denied or underpaid. Some adjusters almost seem to gloat when they deny and its as though they get a fat bonus or get to put yet another notch on their belts for all the denials and low ball estimates. How do they look in the mirror or sleep at night? Not sure…but they keep doing what they do over and over.

        Peope say that these types of wrong doers don’t get away with anything and that Karma, or the after life is where you all will be judged. Keep it up, keep working for and with the evil, cheating companies you work for. and judgement day will come. Perhaps not here but somewhere. You all better hope there is no hell.

  2. Dave says:

    I have worked on both sides, as a Independent Insurance Adjuster, and as a Public Adjuster. One is a person that has to abide by the corporate greed of the Insurance Company, and the other is the People’s advocate. If Public Adjusters did not exist, the Industry would continue to breech the Policy contracts whenever there is a catastrophe.They are not in business to pay out large amounts for claims, they are in business to take premiums and minimize their losses. They use an adjuster as the go between to cut their losses, and it takes a P.A. to represent the Insured to get what they are entitled. All an Insurance Company adjuster has to do to see that I’m right is try working for the other side as a P.A. If you cannot find any shortfalls in the process, well then maybe you better stay on that side, and we will be there to do whats right for the Insured.

  3. Barrett says:

    As a PA, I would also like to add that I do not get paid from the insured’s pocket. My fee comes out of the settlement, which is not unlike the practice of an attorney. My clients never write me a check. My fee comes from the insurance settlement amount. Smart Money magazine reported that policyholders get around 25-40 cents on the dollar before getting outside help. And a report also stated that PAs have been known to increase settlements by 574%.
    If we cannot help, we usually walk away without any compensation. As the previous statement says, I am not sure of your situation, but Public Adjusters are needed.

    • Insurance Adjuster Help says:

      There are always good eggs and bad eggs on both sides. I understand that PAs are sometimes necessary when an insurance adjuster oversteps their boundaries. I have seen irresponsibility on both sides however. I have encountered several PAs who have been in serious need of a moral compass. (i.e. double dipping as a contractor and PA, taking advantage of elderly clients while attempting to excessively push a claim past policy limits, claiming damage to a roof without inspecting it, getting involved in small and unnecessary claims leaving the homeowner with little to no money after the PA takes their settlement cut…etc.) And I am sure the same can be said for insurance adjusters. Barrett, regardless if a PA takes their cut directly from the homeowner of from a portion of the claim settlement, the homeowner is still the person who incurs the cost of a PA.

      I have always adjusted claims with the mindset of “the tie goes to the runner” and “How much can I include into this estimate to benefit the homeowner”. PAs and I have pretty much seen eye to eye on everything (minus a few tiny little discrepancies that can be overlooked). Thus resulting in little to no difference in the claim settlement amount I had estimated for. Then again, maybe that’s just me. I have always been fairly liberal with my claims.

  4. Thank you, for your comments, it is important for people to know the truth, not to fear reporting claims and to know there is help out there.

  5. Frank says:

    The real problem is the bad faith practices used by many insurance companies. If the federal government would investigate and prosecute those companies and their executives and attorneys, then policyholders would be able to get paid for their claims. Imagine how much money and time would be saved if bad faith insurance companies were put out of business.

    • Frank, you are right. It is ridiculous that this Has been going on for years and continues. I don’t understand how this happens. These carriers are getting worst, coming up with new ways to deny and out right refuse to pay for code upgrades etc. Even with documentation, they still come up with BS excuses to deny things like cutting out stucco to weatherproof and flash properly. Their excuses… not a direct physical loss. Whatever. I wish we could report these idiot adjusters. I will find a way… mark my words.

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