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English: shampoo

English: shampoo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We go about our business everyday, not thinking about the products we use.  Some are average price, others are high-end and $$$$$.  We don’t give it a second thought whether  these products are safe or not.  We buy them because the advertising makes them look good, sexy or they smell great.  We think…”Surely if they are on the shelves and being sold, they should be safe right?”

Wrong…they are not all safe, they are not all alike and they could be hurting you and your family.

Check out our link to Environmental Working group and Safe Cosmetics and look up the products you use.

Visit this link for news on environmental concerns:

Visit this link to check how safe your products you use are:

Cosmetic Data base:

Read this article from the site:

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One comment on “Healthy Living
  1. What we do not know can hurt us and those we love!

    Visit these links: and

    Help spread the word so that we can all live healthier lives.

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