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Fruits and vegetables

Share your favorite recipes here: 

If you try any of these recipes, please rate them on scale 1-10.  If you made alterations to them, tell us about them.  We would love to know how customize our recipes.  A good cook takes a recipe for the idea and adds what they like to customize it to their family and taste.  Often a simple addition or subtraction of an ingredient can make a huge difference and improve a recipe.  So please let us know…


Try using the pulp from your juicer to make healthy muffins, cakes and deserts.  They turn out delicious and you get the fiber from the pulp and the juice is healthy for you.  Remember raw vegetables and fruits are healthier then cooked fruits and vegetables.

Try using the vegetable pulp from juicing as the vegetables in a soup or broth, delicious and there is no waste.

Try using the pulp from your peels and juicer and place in food processor, grind down until it is fine ground then place into your garden.  Your plants will love it and your pets will not get into it as long as you run water over top.  Do this when you are about to water your garden so that the plants get full benefit from the nutrients from the leftover vegetables and organic materials.  There is nothing like a fresh tomatoes from your garden.  Once you have had one, other store-bought tomatoes and vegetables will never be the same.

English: Euler diagram representing the relati...

English: Euler diagram representing the relationship between (botanical) fruits and vegetables. Botanical fruits that are not vegetables are culinary fruits. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

recipe for pumpkin muffin tops   Place the pulp from your fruit or vegetables from your juicer in your recipe to make healthy and delicious muffins or baked goods.  You can grind up oats to make flour and substitute for a better choice instead of flour.  Your local market is a great place to purchase locally grown fruits and vegetables.  Buying organic helps to reduce the toxins that are being ingested into our bodies.  Remember that the heavier we are, the more fat our body has, the more toxins we store in our bodies.  More toxins=disease

Lets break down the word disease  dis-ease   Someone once pointed out to me that when you break down the word disease, you will understand how important it is to understand what it means. So the word “dis” is when you are in a state of “dis” which means without or lacking.  And the word “ease” which means feeling in a state of  relaxation or not stressed.                             dis (not) and ease (relaxed)=disease

The chronic state of always not being at ease will eventually produce disease.  People attribute many things to getting older, but often it has nothing to do with age, but to do with their lifestyle.  We all live very complicated and stressful lives and forget to take care of ourselves.

Remember to take care of yourself first, you so that you can be there for others.  Life is precious and short and you should not have to go through a major disease to wake up and figure it out.  Life is also less complicated than we make it.  If you are stressing out over your job, your relationship, your finances, your family or anything that is a constant stress, find some way to relieve the stress for a while everyday.  Analyze your lifestyle, your choices and ask yourself if in the end it is really worth it.  If you have no one to talk to, seek out a counsellor, a therapist, or go to your church for help.  It is important to be able to hear things out load to help you make decisions, it is also important to love your self no matter what.  Live a happy life, live a simple life and enjoy every moment as though it really could be your last.  Every breath that you take when you wake up in the morning is a gift, don’t waste it.

Vegetable Toss

Vegetable Toss (Photo credit: ex.libris)

English: Variety of fresh vegetables being sol...

English: Variety of fresh vegetables being sold on a street at Guntur, India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Mom’s Roasted Chicken and Noodle Soup: coming soon!



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